Our products and services are what a business needs to grow, please browse the below list and contact us for any services that will fit your needs.

  1. Online Business Listing Management – we will scan 60+ online directories for your business and help you correct them if there are any errors. Once we identify your listings in the directories they will then be synced and you will be able to make changes when needed. While they are synced they are guaranteed to not change. This product helps with SEO.
  2. Online Reviews – we will search 50+ review sites and pull all your reviews into one location. We will also promote these reviews in the major search engines. This helps with SEO just like the Online Business Listing Management product. We will also help you resolve any negative reviews and try to correct them before they are published to the major review sites.
  3. PPC Click Management – we will help you pick your keywords that are the best fit for promoting your services and e-commerce products. We are Google Adwords Certified so we are able to manage your PPC campaigns to get you the best value for your dollar.
  4. Banner Display Ad Management – We can buy into the major ad exchanges all across the internet at affordable rates. We have access to data that most campaign managers and agencies do not have which allows us to pre target your correct audience. We can also target locations, technology devices and retarget your visitors after they browse your web presence. Combined, these tools make an extremely effective advertising campaign.
  5. SEO “Search Engine Optimization” – Our CEO/President has 20 years experience with search engine optimization alone. We will work with you to provide a connection between your content and the technical aspects that the search engines love. We are informed and up to date with the current suggested moving parts when it comes to SEO. This is a committed process that does not happen overnight so you must be willing to do this long term. You will be amazed with the long term results that will increase your bottom line.
  6. E-Commerce – we are proficient in the major platforms and understand what it takes to not only display your product but to promote your products using SCHEMA.ORG tags.
  7. Credit Card Processing  we provide credit card processing solutions that are PCI compliant and affordable. Our partners can provide physical devices along with gateways to process online. Our rates are affordable and we will match you with the best provider to make sure you are not overpaying in transaction fees.
  8. Web Development and Design – we have been developing websites for at least 20 years. Our designs are elegant and professional as well as paying attention to User Experience (UX). We have created many custom database applications that will help you manage your business.
  9. Mobile App Development – Being in the web development industry for 20 years we have made connections. We have partnered with the best mobile app developers and have the ability to build anything your mind can dream of. Let us help you bring your ideas to the market place.
  10. Business Services – we understand that our products can be costly so we have teamed up with partners that can help you finance and walk you through the legal process. Loans and Legal, because you need to protect your ideas and finance them.
  11. Anything Related to Business Development – being in business and entrepreneurs ourselves for over 20 years we have made connections with the right people. Having these connections allows up to network with people that will help you grow your business wether it is small or big, online or brick and mortar.
  12. Brand Development – we will take inventory on your online presence. Wether you have domain names or email address that have value we will help you resell or purchase the right domain for your brand and also help you trademark it to prevent domain squatters or resellers from taking advantage of you your hard work and ideas.


Let SB2™ help grow your business – give us a call at 318-525-9322 or email us at 2b2@mikca.com!